Benefits of Lemon Juicing Its Anti-Cancer Properties and More

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If it ever was up to us to stop the process of aging then I believe there would never be any senior citizen to see around. Since this process is irreversible, this does not mean it has to be a painful experience. Am saying this because Mother Nature has given us a natural way that can help you cope with the blues that come as a result of this age-related factors.

The answer lies in a glass of lemon water a day. If taken in the morning the taste can keep you awake and going not to mention the benefit of cleansing your system after long night of sleep. It can also replace your coffee as this drink can be taken warm or hot and you won’t have to fear addictions and other health hazards associated with coffee.

in order to make the most out of it will be wise to consider making it using normal organic lemon juice extracts. These are  free from contamination by preservatives that in some way or another  harm your body. This in simple terms is letting nature do the damage control on your system

How to prepare lemon water

Lemon water is not a difficult task to prepare that will require an assistant. Therefore no matter your age you will find it easy to cope and it should be comforting to know it is just a few minutes process. Here are the few steps;

  • Get a lemon or simply grab a lemon.
  • Squeeze the lemon in a citrus juice.
  • Remove all the seeds and pour clean water as per your preference i.e. Warm, hot or cold in order get much juice as possible.
  • Pour the juice in a glass and you are good to go.

Research has proved that this drink is not just any other drink because it has health benefits that will simply make your life worth living no matter your age.

Reasons why lemon water is good for you

  • Improves digestion –due to age-related factors, the liver functions are greatly compromised. This leads to reduced bile production but when lemon water is taken bile production is increased encouraging more fat digestion. This is because lemon water contains bile production stimulants.
  • Due to antibacterial properties – ever wondered why you are encouraged to take lemon juice when you have a case of throat infection. This is because lemon is scientifically proven to contain antibacterial properties therefore, a glass a day will one way to keep the doctor away. And you shouldn’t have to worry about nasty side effects because it’s all natural.
  • Promotes digestion – most people with advanced age suffer from indigestion conditions like bloating. Because it has properties that speed up digestion lemon water is your best option towards promoting better digestion.
  • It is nutritious –lemon water is rich in vitamin C, folate, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These minerals are vital in body repair and maintenance especially in an advanced age where many systems are breaking down leading to conditions like hypertension arthritis and diabetes.
  • Antiseptic properties –your body needs to be cleansed but it is better when that cleanser is all natural. lemon water helps eliminate toxic wastes from the blood, kidney and the liver systems that are very vital for survival
  • Better systemic alkalizer –lemon water is a good system alkalizer despite containing citric acid. Because through the process of metabolism lemon water compounds are broken down into potent body alkalizers that promotes normal body function.
  • Relieves diarrhea and constipation –this two symptoms are a common phenomenon that comes with advanced age however this does not mean you life should always be like this. A glass of lemon water helps in maintaining normal peristalsis and digestion which can improve these conditions in case absent other related health conditions.
  • Promotes healthy skin during aging the skin starts to lose its elasticity and this makes it susceptible to mechanical and physical damage. to turn the tables on this age phenomena take a glass of lemon water that is rich in vitamins and other minerals responsible for skin restoration.
  • Anti-cancer properties –Lemon water contain a flavonoid called limonoid glucoside which research has shown it contains anti-carcinogenic properties. This compound has the benefit of staying long in the body hence prolonged protection. When it is considered as a food, you can be seen as popular anti cancer foods.
  • Weight reduction properties –excessive fats is one of the main reason for lifestyle associated health conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Lemon water contains citric acid that helps in fat burning and hence helps you shed that excess weight for a healthy future.
  • Clears halitosis –many people struggle with bad breath and just don’t know how to solve it. The simple answer is lemon water that contains antioxidants and antibiotic compounds that that clears throat bacteria responsible for bad breath can also play role in maintaining good body odor.


The real reason we live is to enjoy the feeling of being alive and there is nothing more rewarding than to use what nature has given us to make this feeling possible. Just try a glass of warm lemon water every day and you will understand fulfilling it feels to be healthy..

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