What is the Best Anti Snoring Pillow You Should Buy?


Snoring and Why You Need Anti Snoring Pillows

– From CPAPreviews.org – Snoring is a condition that one should not be comfortable with. It tends to affect both you and your partner or even roommates since it’s an interference during sleep. This is because lack of sleep makes one wake up feeling exhausted, not well rested and drowsiness.

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Anti- snore pillows are gaining more users in the market. Many pillows of this kind are available I the market to improve the quality of your sleep.

Snoring pillows are designed in a unique way to ensure the neck and head are in good position when sleeping so as to reduce snoring and make breathing easier. These smart pillows are made in such a way that; the central area of the pillow is thinner than the sides so as to help the head align with the spinal column in whatever position you adopt to sleep making the air way clear for easy breathing.


Smart Nora, Snore Solution:

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How Your Posture Determines What Anti-Snoring Pillow To Buy

People sleep in different postures; Some prefer sleeping on their backs while others go for the sides.

The Best Anti Snoring PillowFor People Sleeping on Their Back

For those sleeping on the back, an anti- snoring pillow may help keep the chin elevated off the chest keeping the air passage open hence blocking snoring. This is because snoring may begin when the chin is pushed to the chest which can be increased by the normal pillows blocking the airways in the throat thus snoring from the back of the throat.

On the other hand, side- sleepers have the anti -snoring pillows assist them in such a way that the curved roll on the pillow under the neck assists to keep the jaw forward and the head from rolling. Sleeping while the head and shoulder is on the same level helps to avoid neck pain which will come with poor positioning of the pillows. The best anti snoring pillow for people who sleep on their sides is the one with contour raised horizontally at the bottom. Also the L-Shaped and C-shaped pillows are increasing in popularity.

Shop For Top Rated Anti-Snoring Pillows 2017

Anti-snoring pillows can help you breathe better reducing the chances of you snoring irritably.

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How Do The Best Smart Anti Snore Pillows Work?

Half the population of adults’ snore. Understanding how the smart pillow works depends on the causes of snoring. When you sleep the muscles relaxes. As the throat muscles relax, they collapse leading to obstruction of the airway and when one breathes, the oxygen is forced to pass through a narrow passage making the soft tissue in the neck to vibrate producing sounds called snoring.

When it’s time for bed, plug in the adapter and proceed to sleep. The smart pillow tends to work in any position so no need to worry about discomfort of maintaining one sleeping position for the whole night. The sonic sensors are activated when you lie on the pillow. Immediately the snoring is detected, mostly during the 4th snore, the sensors automatically activates the shifters.

The pillow then moves horizontally according to the frequency decided by you. As that happens, throat muscles are stimulate. This makes the airways open more making breathing easy and normal. When the snoring stops, the shifting motion deactivates automatically and vice versa. After waking up, disconnect the adapter until next use.

Smart Anti Snoring Pillow ZeeQ

How Effective is The Best Smart Snore Pillow?

Before deciding on whether a product is effective, consider trying personally. Also you can get information from other people who have used it. There have been a lot of testimonials online from people who have tried them and they have turned out to be positive.

For instance, Rota, who was diagnosed with sleep apnea after trying almost every sleep apnea and cpap pillow without major improvements, decided to try the smart pillow and so far is being doing great. It is also effective in a way that those who snore have something positive to say.

Besides that, using this pillows when having sleep apnea helps in terms of comfort and effectiveness. Using other snoring aids may be effective but very uncomfortable thus it gives the best as great sleep is important. It makes one wake up feeling great.

When using the snore pillows, one is able to sleep in different positions giving you freedom to toss and turn unlike the sleeping aids which are only effective in one position which is not logical. This is because they only work in one position.

The smart pillows can also be bought online shops like Amazon and can be brought to your doorstep. We recommend this pillows, consider this; if you can trust the smart gadgets to work effectively, the smart pillows can work even more.

Properties of the smart anti-snore pillow

The anti-snore pillows are designed innovatively to reduce snoring in a smart way. It is made up of;

Sonic sensors

They are used to detect snoring sounds. When there are sounds, the sensors are immediately activated into motion shifting snoring.

Motion shifters

The pillow moves your head gently in a horizontal manner. This motion is very gentle helping one sleep peacefully. This shifting is aimed to achieve the following

· Tightens the throat muscles. When tightened the muscles are stimulated hence making the airways open for easier normal breathing.

· Strengthens the throat muscles. It helps as an exercise. The more you use the pillow, the stronger the neck muscles. This keeps snoring at bay with time.

Wireless Music & Audio

No more sleeping with your smartphone under your pillow. Smart Pillows like the ZEEQ Smart Anti-Snoring Pillow, can wirelessly plays sleep music, nature sounds, audio books and/or other audio tracks from popular apps without disturbing your sleep partner.

Contoured support

The contoured medical pillows are not only good for snoring and sleep apnea but also are an effective relief for neck pain. The contours allow the snoring pillow to assume the shape created by your head, neck and shoulders. It also positions the head properly reducing the stress on the neck making breathing easier and normal.


Provides the electrical power needed to run the pillow. By plucking the adapter at a power source.

Frequency setter

The frequency setter is used to adjust the frequency of the horizontal motion. This helps control the number of times the pillow shifts. It is useful in such a way that not everyone snores the same. Snoring can be grouped into mild, average and severe. Different snorers can be able to adjust the pillow accordingly. To set the preferred frequency you need to;

· Unzip the pillow cover

· Adjust 0,1 (sets the frequency to 3 times) or 2(sets the frequency to 5 times). This is recommended for the mild snorers.

· Select 3 (sets the frequency to 7 times. This is the best frequency for the average snorers. It is also the default frequency.

· Select 4 (sets the frequency to 9 times)5,6,7 (sets the frequency to 11 times). This is best for the severe snorers.

Removable covers

The pillow comes with two removable covers, the inner and outer cover. They are easy to clean and manage.

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Anti-Snoring Pillow

Deciding on a pillow matters a lot because it will be aiding you for the next 8hours of sleep. It’s important to note that your body has a personal preference on what pillow is best for one’s sleeping position. Some prefer the strong and firm pillows while others are better off with fluffy pillows.

All manufacturers always claim to produce the best products to lift the head, neck and chin which prevents snoring. Similarly, these anti-snore pillows are at times difficult to choose from. Most of them are made up of memory foam to provide good lift. The only distinguishing factor between the anti-snore pillows is in their shape. Here are some of the factors to look at before purchase;

Choosing the right size– Always choose a pillow size that fits your bed. For instance, a bigger pillowfor a smaller bed may mean a larger portion of the bed will be occupied by the pillow. Also, the right size ensures that one has the best curve for the neck. For instance, children should choose a junior size, women should go for the small or medium pillow, small to average men should choose the medium and the taller and larger men may need the larger pillow.

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The Filling Used in the Best Anti-snoring Pillow

Different types of pillows have different things to offer. There is no shortage of filings you can find in your pillows these days. The most common being foam, latex, down-feather combinations, fiberfill, memory foam.

Before purchase consider any medical condition you have. If you are having allergies, asthma, chronic neck pain, you may require a pillow with a particular filling. It should be soft for comfort and thick to prevent difficulties in breathing.

A soft pillow also prevents hurting your ears mostly for the side- sleepers. This is because a thin and hard pillow may cause soreness on the ears. Also consider the cost of the pillow fillings because some fillings tend to be more expensive than the others. Here are some tips to look for in the type of filling:

  1. Foam-Always consider the density. This is because the higher the density the less the breakdown and the more the support you will get.
  2. Memory Foam-These are popular because thy reduce pressure points by continuously molding and adjusting to the shape throughout the night. They support the neck.
  3. Latex-This is the firmest type of pillow, and it resists mold and dust mites. They may also help with back and neck alignment as they are always contoured to support the neck.
  4. Wool/Cotton-Wool and cotton pillows are hypoallergenic and resist mold and dust mites. They do not fit those who love squishy pillows.
  5. Down/feather-Many sleep experts recommend these as the best pillows for good night’s rest. One great thing about this pillows is that you can move the stuffing around so that you can have the best support where you need it.

Specialty of the pillows

Many pillows are designed to address specific needs including hot flushes, headaches and neck pain. Thus certain sleeping habits and health conditions may bring a need when to use the special pillow besides the normal one. However, specialty may be helpful, there are no much research claims to support the manufactures. When choosing one of this pillows, always look for comfort, support and right size for body. Consider this tips;

  1. Positional pillow– is a lower case and n-shaped pillow that claims to help those with sleep apnea stay in ideal position. It also claims to help reduce tossing and turning throughout the night. Moreover, its designed for the back, stomach or side sleepers.
  2. Oxygen-promoting pillows- This pillow technology is based on studies of sock fabric that helped promote circulation in diabetes patients. These pillows use the same technology to increase oxygen content in tiny blood vessels by up to 29%.
  3. Anti-snore pillows- claim to position the head so that the airway remains open by lifting the chin away from the chest.
  4. Cervical pillows-they come in different shapes. They add extra cushioning in the lower portion of the pillow to provide extra firmness in the lower neck. The claim is that these pillows will help reduce tension and headaches, however, there has not been sufficient research.
  5. Cool pillows- are designed to include fillings that absorb the head heat in order to keep you feeling cool. Although they can be used by anyone who wishes to keep cool at night. They are mostly suitable for people suffering from hot flushes.
  6. Water pillows-These pillows are mostly preferred by therapists and many chiropractors. They use water to create your own customized level of density and support.

Reviews from other customers

When customers need confidence in a certain product, in this case the anti- snore pillow, reviews matter a lot in making a decision in choosing the best, even after determining the type of pillow you want, from anti-snore and cooling pillow.

Unfortunately, most of the best anti snore pillows are rated average due to the strong chemical smell that is hardly washable. One has to consider different reviews to choose the best with mild smell from those who have tried them. One important fact is that, always get reviews from independent sources and not rely mostly on the manufacturers.

Sleeping position

Although you may already know the best position for you, it’s good to take few nights to confirm it. For example, try sleeping on your back or stomach for half an hour, if you are not asleep by then that may not be your best position. This is because some people primarily sleep on their back, side and on the stomach. This tends to be important when picking a certain pillow which fits the different position. For instance:

· Those who prefer sleeping on the sides should go for the sturdy pillow that supports the neck and filling the distance between the ear and the outside shoulder.

· Those who sleep on their back need thinner pillows so that their head is not thrown to far forward. Also look for the pillow with extra loft in the bottom of the pillow to cradle the neck.

· Those who sleep on the stomach need to look for the very thin, almost flat pillow. Though they necessarily require a pillow but consider tucking one under the stomach to avoid lower back pain.

Consider A Memory Foam Pillow

This pillows are made from polyurethane, which is then mixed with some additional chemicals. Always look for the facts before purchase like;

· Memory foam pillows come in all shapes and sizes.

· They provide good support, especially when you have neck, jaw and shoulder problems.

· They are long lasting and are good at forming to the contours of your head and neck.

· Be aware that this material can make you hot because it does not breathe.

· If you tend to move a lot, these pillows tend to be uncomfortable since they take some time to mold into different shapes.

Consider more than just cost

Because the pillow is more expensive than the others does not mean that it’s better than the cheaper one. Always look for the more reliable and trusted brands. Always try out different pillows in various price ranges because you can find something that is best for you without breaking the bank.

Covering of the pillow

This may not be the most important factor but it matters. This is because of cleanliness maintenance because dust may eventually accumulate on the pillow. Always look for a pillow that can be washable and maintained easily to avoid mites, dust and pollen.

Return policy

Being a personal effect, return is not allowed as it is difficult to resell a pillow that has been used for few nights. For this reason, you have to be sure that you need that pillow and its best for you mostly you can try according to your different sleeping position and the one that fits you. Also consider the one that has unconditional money back guarantee so that you can try one and return it.


Warranty is important when deciding to purchase an item. It guarantees on safety of the item if any problems occur in between the period the warranty is in. Smart snore pillows always have a one-year warranty from the year of purchase. This covers every manufacturer defect provided it used in the right way and washing instructions are followed accordingly.

Best types of anti -snore pillows

The snoring pillow industry has embraced technology. They have come up with more effective and a large variety of snore pillows to choose from according to user requirements like size, sleeping position, pillow filings. They have been compared side by side and scored them according to a wide range of factors including comfort, snoring reduction, pain relief, potential, durability, initial odor and heart retention ability. Though they are mostly not prescribed they help bring sleep in the comfort zone. This are the most recommended anti-snore pillows on the market;

The Best SONA Anti-Snore Pillow Review

This is a natural sleep expert without any side effects. It can also be used in combination with other snoring devices without any problem. It is contoured to place the head in optimal position to facilitate smoother breathing. This pillow is approved by the FDA as a medical device for snoring and mild apnea. Snoring may be very disruptive during sleep both to the sufferer and their partner. These pillows aim at eliminating this disruptive habits giving you a fresh and peaceful mind. They also encourage back-sleepers to turn on their sides to keep their airways open and the head and neck in the optimum position to prevent snoring. Some of their advantages and disadvantages include:

Advantages of Sona Anti-Snore pillows

· Its unique hole under pillow design allows sleeping the way you feel comfortable. Useful for side sleepers.

· Recessed core design properly places the head, elevates and aligns to open up constricted air passages. This facilitates easy breathing.

· Provides enhanced support to head and neck.

· It is compact and can be carried along while travelling.

· It is machine washable

· Relieves minor head, neck, shoulder pain and mild acid reflux.

· It is not only a promising snoring solution but also helps in managing sleep apnea.


· Only side sleepers find it useful. Straight sleepers need to get used to its design.

· It requires a specially designed pillow case because of its different design

· Due to its different design, you need to have your arm outside the blanket, because of this you need to wear some woolen stuff on your arms.

· Anti- snore pillows are effective at reducing snoring although the number of people who have completely stopped snoring using only this snoring solution appear to be small.

The Goodnight Anti-Snore Pillow

Everybody always strives to have good sleep. This is the only smart pillow that is clinically proven reduce and eliminate snoring. As snoring is detected, the integrated air chambers inside the pillow inflate and turn the head gently to the side Through the movement, the muscles in the throat are stimulated and the airway opened. This smart pillow technology comes out uniquely with these features:

· Advanced Snoring Detention and Multiple Head position sensors

· Non-Invasive, Non-prescription, No side effects

· Smartphone connectivity

· Queen size pillow

Benefits of goodnight anti-snore pillows

· This pillow has proven to reduce snoring and loudness of snoring,

· Improve the sleep quality by resting well. Since lack of sleep causes one to have headaches, migraines and drowsiness, this pillows work in a way that one can have a good night sleep which is also essential for the wellbeing and eagerness to face a new day.

· Not only does it increase libido, but also decreasing the chances of heart attack and stroke

· Maintaining a healthy partnership. This is because snoring has been found to affect both partners and bringing toll on some relationships which is not proper. This pillows just worked on that.

The Brookstone Anti-snore pillows

The manufacturers claim that this pillow lets you sleep in a natural position and has been clinically tested in reducing snoring. It’s an inexpensive pillow that is equipped with its own system that works to support your neck, head and prevent the airway obstruction. The reviews may vary among different individuals. A relief was found in those who had nasal congestion.


· With this pillow, you can adjust to the levels of support by removing any of the three support pads.

· Its mad of a foam memory material

· It is cheap to buy compared to other anti-snore pillows.

· It fits into a standard-sized pillow case and has a washable outer cover.


· It is not that much effective

· The cost of $100 is not refundable as it is termed as a personal item

· There is a strong chemical smell from the pillow thus cannot be used by people who have allergies as it can cause nasal congestion.

Snore-No-More Anti-Snoring Pillow

This pillows accomplishes snore relief by its specially-designed contour that helps to accurately align one’s spine to prevent airway blockage. It is claimed to reduce snoring for deeper sleep. This smart pillow is made from hypoallergenic memory foam. It is also smaller and cheaper Comes with a washable cover and fits a regular pillow case. Suitable for side and back sleepers.

Nora Smart Snore pillow

Nora is the first smart and non- invasive solution that is designed specifically to stop snoring before waking up your sleeping partner. It does not require one to wear anything to bed like masks, dentures and nose strips. The company aims to turn things around compared to other devices which are attached to the body decreasing your quality of sleep. It is designed with a pillow insert to fit any pillow type, whether firm or soft. The insert is padded so that you can comfortably put your arm around the pillow. It’s made up of:

· A small device that looks almost like an egg sliced lengthwise, known as the bedside because it is placed close to the bed.

· An inflatable pillow insert.

· An IOS smartphone app.

Once Nora detects snoring, it gently moves your head by activating a silent pump that inflates and deflates the insert sitting under your pillow. This movement stimulates the relaxed throat muscles and as a result the airway assumes its natural position, allowing you breathe normally again. It is also claimed to make you sleep peacefully without even feeling a thing regardless of your sleeping position or where you’re your head rests on the pillow. It is effective for restoring natural breathing significantly lowering the volume and repetition of snoring.

The smart Nora is parked in a beautiful portable bag equipped with rechargeable batteries, making it to use at a go. Though it is expensive thus not everyone can afford it.

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