Things You Need To Do To Cleanse Your Kidneys Even Today

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There are many ways your body communicates the problems affecting it. Take scales on your skin surface, for example, they’re symptoms to something deeper than bad sunscreen. While yellow toe nails are a topical problem with a cure- think YellowToenailsCured, others like the kidneys may communicate with you not in a very obvious manner.

Kidneys play a crucial role in our bodies. Without them, the whole idea of living automatically becomes complicated. For every single day, we live our kidneys produce around two litres of urine depending on your build from processing 200 quarts of blood. The amount of wastes contained is around 2 quarts mostly made up of byproducts of metabolism processes in the body and excess water.

Any interference in kidney function can result in waste buildup in your body systems that can lead to cellular damage all around your body that can be fatal. The kidneys do not only help eliminate toxic wastes they also help retain some critical elements like phosphorous, potassium and sodium. The only way of ensuring your body benefits from these functions is to make sure the kidneys are healthy.

Kidneys have other duties besides waste management in the body and according to neurologist Dr Richard .P. Simons of the University of Maryland medical centre. Kidneys help in blood pressure regulation by controlling the circulating volume, promote bone health by regulating calcium levels and in blood formation by producing erythropoietin a hormone that plays a crucial role in blood formation.

One way of ensuring our kidneys stay healthy to function better is by offering total kidneys cleanse. Although there is the varied opinion on this matter, there are obvious benefits you just can’t ignore. The environment is full of harmful toxins, starting from the air, water and even the foods we consume are contaminated which translates to kidneys doing more work than expected therefore a small boost in its function isn’t bad at all.

According to the Mayo Clinic the first signs of a kidney problem may include:

  • Generalized Body Weaknesses
  • Frequent Headaches
  • Skin Problems
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Excess water retention may result in lower limb swelling

When such signs are witnessed, it is an indication that your kidneys are having trouble functioning and that kidney cleansing is needed to help with the flushing of toxins.

Another common condition that may result from accumulated wastes in the kidney is the kidney stones. Figures in the United States indicate that nearly 15 % of all adults in the country will be diagnosed with the condition in their lifetime.

The condition has a 70 – 80% chance of recurrence for those who have been treated for the same. This makes kidney cleansing a vital part of its management.

An article published by the New York Times on kidney stones indicates that there is rise in cases of kidney stones in children with some as young as 6years being affected.

This is attributed to excess salts that come from processed foods and carbonated drink that tend to be their favorite. According to Mayo Clinic the first signs of kidney stones are severe pain on the back and sides of the lower abdomen.

They are usually formed when urine contains crystals from substances like calcium, uric acid and oxalate that solidify forming a ball. The stones are hard to pass through the ureter and may cause blockage, but they can sometimes be broken down or dissolved when your body is well hydrated.

Top Risk Factors In Need Of Kidney Flush/Kidney Cleanse

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Not all of us are lucky enough to have a properly functioning kidney. The rest need a kidney flush to keep them cleansed and properly functioning. Mayo Clinic has identified the following as risk factors for developing kidney stones. Those with the risk factors need a kidney flush/frequent cleansing for a healthy life.

  • Inactivity
  • Obesity
  • High blood-glucose levels
  • Inadequate water intake
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol intake
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Poor diet
  • Gender- males are at a higher risk than females
  • Family history

Geographical location regions close to the equator are at aalso at higher risk of suffering from a kidney problem. In the United States, the Southeastern Part inhabitants are at a higher risk.

Water plays an indispensable role in the management of kidney stones. It helps in the breakdown of formed stones and prevents solidification of calcium, oxalate and uric acid.

Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you consume the recommended portion of at least eight glasses per day to help alleviate potential problems with your kidneys.

Why Diet Is Necessary For Your Kidneys

They say you are what you eat. However, food plays a vital role in your kidney health that is why nutritionists. Dr Mark Paggio of Maryland Medical Centre recommends that we take a lot of fruits and vegetables considering they are proven to improve body health other than just kidney health.

The National Kidney Foundation of America indicates that 1 in 3 American adults are currently at risk of developing a kidney problem related to poor diet.

Foods and Active Ingredients That Cause Kidney Disease

Kidneys are vital organs and operate within a certain level of pH, physiological conditions, etc. What you eat has a direct effect on how the kidneys work.

The following are some of the common foods that are believed to cause kidney disease according to scientists.

Eating Too Much Red Meat

Excessive consumption of red meat causes build up uric acid, a toxic substance that is responsible for kidney stones, bone and joint problems.

Cutting down on consumption of red meat is the only sure way of ensuring your kidneys have the cleanse they need. However, it is not recommended to for red meat entirely unless you opt to be a vegetarian.


Excessive consumption of caffeine s one of the highest contributors of dehydration in adults. It is not healthy for your kidneys in any way. Therefore, to keep your kidneys, healthy consider reducing those regular coffee bar visits. The best option is you switching to green tea which besides being healthy helps promote your kidneys health by cleansing them.

Table Salt

Table salt contains a lot of sodium. Therefore high intake, especially in uncooked table salt, encourages excessive calcium filtration. This contributes to kidney stones. Also avoid processed foods as they are known to contain high amounts of sodium that can be harmful to your kidney.


When you consume a lot of glucose in form of sugar either from processed foods or carbonated drinks. The sugar interferes with kidney functions as absorption of calcium and magnesium predisposing you to kidney diseases. To promote kidney health consider ditching those sugary carbonated drinks and processed foods.

The national kidney foundation recommends that you eat the following foods to ensure your kidneys are well cleansed and healthy. However, not all foods that seem to contain harmful elements like spinach that is rich in oxalate should be avoided.

But its intake should be regulated as the mineral has other benefits in the body. The same case applies to calcium rich products as calcium helps with the bones, muscles and the nervous system function.

Top 10 Superfoods You Should Eat For Healthy Kidneys/ Kidney Flush Foods

If certain foods surely cause kidney disease and related problems, foods can surely heal your kidneys too. Here are some of the foods you should eat for good kidneys. Note that some of these foods can be added into your juicing too.


It can be consumed as ginger tea or ginger juice whichever ways you prefer it the benefits are obvious. Ginger is rich in antioxidants that help in improving kidney functions and repair any cellular damage acquired in the course of the functions.

Nuts and seeds

According to recent statistics by the American nutritionist association80% of the population suffers from magnesium and other mineral deficiencies that can easily be found in nuts and seeds.These minerals are important in promoting kidney health and functioning.


They are mostly consumed in the form of juice or as part of most salads. Beets are rich in a mineral called betaine that lowers urine PH that helps get rid of calcium phosphate accumulation in the kidney. Besides this, it has other minerals like iron, folate and magnesium that contribute to general body health and blood formation.


This spice is found in South East Asia especially in the Indian community. It’s rich in potent anti-inflammatory that contribute to the healing of kidney inflammatory conditions and diseases.

Green leafy vegetable

Green vegetables are known to be rich in a variety of critical nutrients that the body can utilize in its functions. Besides being rich in multiple vitamins, vegetables are rich in magnesium and calcium that play a significant role in regulating oxalate levels that are safe to the kidneys.

Green leafy vegetables also play a crucial role in cleansing the kidney and can be consumed as salads, juices and even cooked, whichever way you like them.


They are available in different flavors and color however they are some of the best kidney friends in the plant kingdom. They are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese and folate.

These nutrients contribute to ensuring your kidneys function optimally by clearing kidney infections and other inflammatory conditions.Cranberries are however specially indicated in urinary tract infections that are the commonest cause of kidney diseases.

Garlic and onions

This two, when combined, are powerful sources of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that contribute in kidney health and cleansing .they also add appetizing flavor s to your foods at all times.


Apples are considered some of the healthiest fruits in the world. Apples can be used in juicing and fruit salads. Whichever ways you choose to have them apples are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and some fiber.

It helps in kidney cleansing and removal of all inflammatory processed within your kidneys thus preventing kidney stones and other complicated kidney conditions.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables include cabbages, broccoli, Brussels sprout, cauliflower and bok choy. Not only are these vegetables good for your body they are also good detoxifiers of the body especially the kidneys and the liver.

Apple cider vinegar and water melon

Water melon is considered critical for rehydration of the body. It is one of the best habits that have been proved to maintain kidney heath by the national kidney foundation besides having a list of other beneficial nutrients. Apple cider vinegar is shown to help with oxidative stress on the kidney and the liver. This is done through increasing antioxidant enzymes in the system.

How to ensure your kidneys are healthy

Being healthy is a matter of choice. It should be a well thought out decision with the obvious benefits in mind. However when it comes to the health of your kidneys you need to be in control as fast as possible, remember the environment is currently full of toxic pollutants that end up in our bodies through various sources. The common sources being the air and foods we consume.

The only best way to ensure your kidneys are is healthy is by transforming your lifestyle into a healthy one that will ensure your kidney is cleansed. To achieve a total kidney cleanse you need to fill your diet with more fruits and vegetables. These contain a lot of essential nutrients that can help transform your body as well as ensure the health of your body organs at all times.

Rehydration is paramount to kidney health, and you can do that by using watermelons, a glass of regular warm water and even juice from several sources like lemons. Melon keeps your kidney well rehydrated and nourished.

Although most people would opt for juicing to achieve a total kidney cleanse. However it needs s to be done in a healthy way and not through depriving the body of other essential nutrients. It should be a planned and well thought dietary adjustment and not juice fast.

Therefore, choose your dietary plan carefully a nutritionist may come in handy. Although sometimes you may be tempted to achieve result faster by going for synthetic drugs and other supplements. It is highly discouraged considering this drugs can harm your kidney or liver systems more.

A natural approach for kidney flushing is through eating more fruits and vegetables- while avoiding processed foods. Healthy living shouldn’t be a painful process but an enjoyable one all you need to do is put your mind to it, and the change will be amazing.

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