10 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Drinking Fig Juice

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Last Updated 9/29/2016. The fig fruit is a native of the Mediterranean and Asian region but thanks to the transatlantic trade, it is now available on nearly every continent. The fruit was predominantly used by ancient Greeks and Romans due to its nutritional qualities. They used Fig juice to minimize malnutrition in children.

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Fast forward to 2016, fig juice is one of the most recommended fresh juices by nutritionists like Professor Edna B Furst of the Omaha-based National Nutritional Research Centre (NNRC). It is recommended for both passive or aggressive juice junkies who want to improve their health. This article contains 10 of the most important benefits of drinking fig juice.

  1. Helps with burning excess calories

When fig juice is incorporated in a weight loss program it helps with burning excess calories. The juice is high in fiber— both soluble and insoluble, which promotes or reduces unhealthy cravings for people who want to lose weight while at the same time providing other health benefits to the body. It also has a low glycemic index, the reason why sometimes its extracts are used as a sugar substitute for diabetics.

  1. Helps in curing of airway infections

With its anti-inflammatory and curative properties, fig juice is one of the best remedies for airway conditions like common cold. A  regular glass of fig juice helps soothe the airway system strengthening their defenses viral and some bacterial airway infections. This is attributed to vitamin C, which is plentiful in fig juice.

  1. Helps with constipation

constipation is one of the most uncomfortable feels a man can ever experience as passing stool needs to feel natural and refreshing as much as possible. But when that becomes complicated as a result of constipation fig juice is one of the best natural remedies. For better and simplified result you can consider adding some prune juice or oat milk to fig juice. Considering this mixture is mild it is safe for children as well.

  1. Helps with insomnia

Current statistics in the United States of America on insomnia reveals that 70% of the adult population struggle with sleep. This is attributed to the unhealthy lifestyles most people lead however the tables can be turned if you embrace fig juice. Besides being abundant in other healthy minerals it has an amino acid named tryptophan which is a mild sedative that can lead to total body relaxation resulting in that beautiful sleep.

  1. Good source of energy

For our bodies to function properly it needs a lot of energy and what better source than fig juice. one glass serving of fig juice contains 250 kcal of energy which is sufficient enough to power your body before and after exercises. That is why most body builders and people who have long working hours are advised to consume more fig juice they are also supplementation in the market made from fig just for this purpose. However,  you know better which option is best.

  1. Promotes skin health and slows down the aging process

Beauty is hard to maintain but not anymore with fig juice at your disposal. The juice is rich in vitamin C and other strong antioxidants which help in fighting free radicals in your system that damage your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in fighting from skin conditions like acne, warts, and cold skin sores. Fig juice is highly consumed in Asia continent and the results are obvious to you.

  1. Prevents muscular degeneration

This is a common health condition especially for people aging around the globe however with regular shots of fig juice and exercise the tables can be turned. The juice contains elements that help in collagen manufacture and muscle building properties that help maintain and restore muscular functions. That is why most body builders use fig juice in their diets.

  1. Prevents hair loss

This is the greatest fear for both men and women despite it having an age association. However, you can prevent early balding by drinking fig juice on a regular basis. The juice is rich in magnesium a trace element important in promoting and maintains hair growth. It also contains vitamin E and C that are elements known to promote healthy hair.

  1. Prevents cancer

Fig juice is abundant with antioxidants and other elements that help clear harmful and toxic substance from the body that are associated with cancer development. It is associated with prevention of cancer of the breast, lungs, brain and bones.

  1. Promote kidney health

The world health organization is reporting a surge in case of kidney infections and stone that are attributed to poor diet. Besides clearing free harmful radicals in the body as a result of it powerful antioxidants. Fig juice helps with kidney stone prevention as it prevents accumulation of harmful substances in the kidneys that result in kidney stones.


Your choice of juicing should put in mind the obvious benefits whichever way you choose to have it either blended or juiced. Happy juicing to all….

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