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Is juicing healthy? Does juicing work? What juicing is good for weight loss? Can juicing cure cancer? Do juicing diets work? These and many others are some of the most popular questions from a section of our readers.

While the world seems to have become obsessed with weight loss and other passing fads, a lot of people have been asking serious questions about juicing. I like to look at some of these questions in this article. The answers to a question like is “is juicing healthy” has been answered on this website before and I will not dwell on it much.

The primary focus will be looking at the role of juicing in weight loss. Trying to find the best juicing for weight loss for your consideration.

Without further ado, weigh loss is a very important part of our culture to the point that it has become a source of pain to those who’re the direct opposite. The length at which some are willing to take this battle against excess weight is fascinating. But I can understand them considering excess weight is the main reason behind most lifestyle diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and cancers among many others.

My verdict on whether juicing is healthy

Juicing is one of the most efficient and healthy way that has been proven to shed that excess weight. This process does not involve any invasive procedures or expensive supplementation but a set of nutritious recipes that will propel you towards shedding that excess weight. They contain minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and vital enzymes that are not found in many modern recipes.

The process is enjoyable since you don’t have to put tasteless concoctions and bitter preparations that achieve nothing with all the sacrifice invested. Not to mention the amount of stress this other process will have on your digestive system. However juicing is fun since the recipes are delicious and nutritious and it has been proven to help lose to a maximum of 20 pounds in two weeks for many people who started it.

Why juicing works for weight loss

  • It’s natural – the process of juicing is all natural which limits your exposure to processed junk food. It is also free from additives, chemicals, and preservatives which are the main contributors in weight gain. This puts you in control of what you are taking keeping in mind your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way.
  • Reduce hunger-juicing provides the body with all the essential nutrients for its function. Therefore you don’t need to worry about unhealthy cravings that tend to be the case when the body is denied essential nutritious elements.
  • Convenient-busy lifestyles make it hard for people to make wise choices when it comes to food. This leads in consumption of junk food. However juicing only takes a few minutes to prepare yet giving you the joy you need to feel when feeding.
  • Full of taste-when it comes to taste nothing can be compared to juicing as the flavors contained are what make this process enjoyable.
  • Builds strength-you may fear that since you are losing you may also be losing your energy. This is not the case because juicing actually makes you feel great giving you more energy for active activity than you otherwise thought.
  • Healthy-juicing is all natural this means you are using natural plant ingredients. These are rich in a substance called chlorophyll which detoxes your body systems. It is more common with public figures when preparing for a role or after a role that had a change in their weight.

If you're considering juicing diets for weight loss, understand that you can do it in two different approaches. The first is the juice fast where you entirely rely on the juicing in your weight loss process. This process requires a lot of commitment to succeed. Because you are altering what your body already considers normal, and there must be some adjusting consequences you'll face.

The second is the casual juicing where basically juicing is done when you feel like. But you don’t give up on other solid foods but you can replace them whenever necessary. You need to be reasonable enough to achieve some balance if successful weight loss is to be achieved.

I would highly recommend vegetable juicing compared to fruit juicing considering vegetables are healthier. Fruits contain fructose its natural sugar which in some cases can still be converted into fat therefore, should mostly be taken prior to exercises. The best vegetables to use include; aragula, bokchoy, broccoli, cabbage and kale. The taste may not be the best therefore, I can recommend you add them to any juice.

Most success in losing weight is achieved by people who generally use 70-80 percent of ingredients as vegetables. Modern juicers are designed in a way that can help in promoting creativity with ingredients that can lead to better tastes.

What are the best juicers for weight loss?

There are mainly two types of juicers you can use to lose weight. They include;

  1. Centrifugal juicers –They are made in an upright design and work by shredding the combination of fruits and vegetables into pulp and at the same time spinning rapidly in order to extract the resulting juice. They are the commonest and are reasonably cheap.
  2. Masticating juicers –They are horizontal in design that crushes and squeezes juice out of vegetables and fruits. It is expensive, but for serious juicing enthusiasts, the benefits of juicing with juicers are more than the price.


Juicing not only helps in weight loss but also has other health benefits that include; improvement in metabolism, balancing of hormones and reduction of inflammation. Juicing is also very instrumental in regulating blood sugar and hypertension. Is juicing good for diabetics? This is a yes and no answer that I will have to dedicate a full article to soon. Can juicing cure cancer? I don't think so, but there is evidence pointing to it helping the body become healthier.

Overall, a juicing lifestyle is good for your health, weight and wellbeing. I am an enthusiast and the above are merely a few of the pluses I could find.

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My name is Selija Crawford, the founder of Juicing Detective. I started this blog purely for juicing related aspects but have since expanded to include lifestyle tips, product recommendations and more.

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