Does Juicing Provide A Good Home Remedy For Acne?

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Proper nutrition contributes to a healthy, glowing skin. Just recently, we looked at the benefits of avocado and tied it to the skin. You should know that fresh juices can help you deal with various dermatological issues, including acne. Below is all you need to know when juicing for acne.

The Vitamin A angle in acne

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One of the most important nutrients for the skin is vitamin A. If there isn’t enough vitamin A in your diet, a cracked, dry and rough skin can result in much the same way black skin tags do. Vitamin A also helps reduce the amount of sebum produced in the skin – the oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands. If there is too much sebum, then your pores get blocked!


Getting adequate vitamin E is imperative for a healthy immune system. It also assists vitamin A to provide advantageous dermatological effects. You can find both vitamin E and A in facial creams. Vitamin E also aids in reducing the generation of sebum.

Zinc is a mineral that is responsible for hundreds of functions needed to be healthy. One of those functions is to heal the skin and limit the scarring that can be caused by acne.

How Juicing Helps To Remedy Acne

Bacteria and hormonal irregularities are the principal causes of acne outbursts. People with naturally oily skin are more prone to experience the predicament. Some vegetables and fruits have natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Many products are also known to control hormone levels in the body. Combining the appropriate ingredients in your juices will bring about smoother skin and fewer acne outbreaks.

Ingredients in Juices That Help With Acne


Pomegranate is a strong anti-oxidant. It aids fight radicals that bring about cell aging. Also, pomegranate promotes the healing of the damaged and irritated skin.

Acai Berry

When you are juicing for acne, reconsider adding acai berry to the ingredients. This berry is an exceptionally potent anti-oxidant. It hinders the oxidation of fatty acids, therefore, decreasing the acne inflammatory response.

Hormone Regulation

To accomplish hormone control, which is incredibly essential during periods of puberty and pregnancy, think of the following juice ingredients: celery, parsley, flaxseed, and fennel. Kales and other leafy greens will heighten the results much further.

Factors To Consider When Juicing For Acne

Remember that the juices you absorb cannot substitute a healthy, well-balanced diet. They should only supplement the main foods you eat. To promote the health of your skin, consider a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grain products and raw nuts.

To speed up your skin’s healing, strive to consume at least three juices every day. You can shift between various ingredients and experiment with the compounds until you identify that one which delivers the best results.

Individuals with acne-prone skin should shun tomato and carrot juices. Tomatoes and carrots increase the production of sebum, which will ultimately lead to more severe acne outbreaks. Any other sort of fresh juice can be consumed alongside a healthy diet. The first juice of the day should be taken before breakfast or alongside a healthy morning meal. The other sauce should be prepared and consumed at lunch.

To experience all the benefits, you need to make the juice and take it instantly. Preparing your juices the night before will remove the many useful nutrients that offer the anti-acne effect. Juicing for acne is a safe and natural way of promoting your skin’s health. Response varies from individual to individual, and you have to try yours.

Experimenting with different vegetables and fruits will lead you to discover the combination that produces the best outcomes.

Juicing Recipe For Acne

Here is a short recipe you can use for your acne. The ingredients are; wool cotton, a towel, one lemon fruit, a plate/small bowl, facial cleanser,

Follow these steps:

1- Clean your face with the facial cleanser.

2- Use the towel to dry your face.

3- Cut the lemon juice into two parts and squeeze the juice into the plate.

4- Take a roll of cotton wool and soak it in the lemon juice.

5- Place it on the affected part on your face and let it stay there for 10 minutes.

6- Clean your face again with the cleanser and repeat twice every day until the acne are gone.

The lime juice remedy might have some side effects which may include:

(1) You may have a burning or itching sensation- To prevent this use olive oil.

(2) Don’t use this treatment if you have a dark skin as the lime will create a shaded spot on your skin.

(3) The lime juice therapy is used in treating mild acne.

The lime juice removes the acne due to its acidic property. When it’s applied on the skin, the acid reconstructs the body tissues to squeeze out the oils and kill the bacteria.

There you have it, juicing can help you deal with acne on a great front. Feel free to share what you have learnt in this post on social media or elsewhere.

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