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Organifi Complete Organic Protein Powder was developed by Drew Canole, a fitness and health expert with a popular show: FitLife.Tv. He is also the developer of Organifi Green juice an organic drink used to improve your health providing you with many nutrients in one drink. He aims to help many people stay healthy, acquire more nutrients and lose weight. (If you are looking for the review of Organifi Green Juice Powder please go here:


Organifi Protein: The Definitive Guide

About Organifi Complete Protein


Staying healthy with a healthy weight, routine exercises, balanced diet and maintaining that great figure may be challenging. Fortunately, there are a number of products that are eager to help you maintain your body and a healthy living routine. These products contain natural ingredients and are very rich in proteins which can act as a meal replacement or support your nutrient intake.

There are a lot of products on the market that promises you results but before settling for the best that suits your needs, ensure it is one of the best brands on the market. The best part of this product is that, it is produced by a popular brand, Organifi, a company known to produce only the best quality, reliable and highly effective organic supplements.

Moreover, Organifi protein is a product that combines proteins and multi-vitamins in one shake. It is the Plant-based protein drink with full food vitamins and the digestive enzymes. As it is a new product, it has come with a dose of goodness to ensure that you get your daily protein and vitamins. It contains nutrients such as the omega-3 fatty acids which helps improve your mental focus, have good digestion, muscle recovery and muscle growth. It is important to know that it is organic, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan-friendly.

Organifi complete protein contains 4 superfoods,3 different vegan protein sources, vitamins from real whole foods and medium-chain Triglycerides fats. It is the healthy choice for anyone who desires to have a healthy lifestyle.

This product is made in a careful and unique way. The ingredients only natural are selected carefully to ensure quality. They have added flavors of vanilla and chocolate. It is made to cater for all be it you are vegan or even on paleo is suitable for any diet or meal plan you are on. It also comes with many benefits.

Experts recommend that a healthy person has to consume at least 50grams of protein. Lack of protein in the diet, which happens mostly due to the busy schedule of people, can lead to deficiencies as there is no enough nutrients. This can be challenging as it can lead to some problems which include the following:

Weight Gain – Recent research has it that having low levels of protein in your system can be a challenge as it hinders your ability to burn fat and lose weight. This is because it increases the chances of hunger which makes you eat more leading to weight gain.​

Slow Metabolism  Due to lack of protein in the body, it may be difficult for it to obtain and store energy which results to the body feeling wearied, sluggish, tired and dull.

Poor muscle growth  Since proteins are essential for our muscle fibres and tissues, it may be a problem as protein deficient makes the muscle mass drop and avoid growth.

Slow mental cognition and Focus  Protein is essential for a stronger and healthy cognitive health. When protein is deficient, you are able to observe low cognitive function. It also has an effect on the alertness, concentration and focus.

Fortunately, Organifi has got you covered by launching the new product-complete protein, which in only one drink, you are provided with the necessary proteins and nutrients for an overall body health. The company claims that the amazing and incredible results of complete protein are due to the dynamic blend of ingredients used to create it. These ingredients include cinnamon, monk fruit, coconut, Hemp fruit, MCTs and vitamins from whole foods. Together these ingredients make this product the most popular an effective than other brands which provide less results.

Bodybuilders, athletes or other people who like to exercise to stay fit are recommended to use this product from Organifi. It delivers five times the benefits other products provide. It does not put more stress on the body as other supplements on the market. This product is just the best choice for you.

Most protein products on the market resort to dairy, egg or soy. Some companies use synthetic vitamins made in the laboratories. Processed eggs and dairy may cause some intolerances on your digestion. They can even cause inflammation and acne. As research says, soy proteins have a negative effect on the body. They are known for the thyroid disorders and hormonal imbalance. Luckily, Organifi is unique in its own way as they resort only to the natural ingredients which are safe. Look no further when Organifi is around.

Why is Organifi complete protein unique

  1. Contains only organic fresh whole foods
  2. Comes with a complete balanced diet
  3. It can be used as a breakfast meal
  4. It does not include dairy, soy and eggs in their ingredients
  5. It covers all your protein needs as it is high in protein

Benefits of Organifi Complete Protein

  1. Has a delicious taste and smooth texture-Its ingredients give you a rich velvet flavor of vanilla and chocolate. You will also love the creamy filling texture. You don’t have to complain about the taste.
  2. Rich in high protein-A meal rich in proteins can help boost your metabolism and give you more energy. It can also help increase muscle mass.
  3. Helps in overall body growth and Muscles-Taking this product ensures you get a better healthy life with a better digestion control which helps build stronger muscle. It also develops muscular tissues and a glowing skin.
  4. Improved Digestion-Unique enzymes in this shake soothes your stomach and prevent bloating. They also cleanse our system gradually cleanses our guts and intestinal tract of any harmful toxins and improve our overall digestive health.
  5. Saves Time-It is very easy to make s you just add to a liquid and get all the nutrients in one drink. You do not need to go eat more foods rich in proteins and vitamins.
  6. Makes you feel fitter-Since the ingredients target our metabolism, they help the user feel more refreshed, healthy and relaxed. As the day goes by, it allows more energy supply leaving you feeling more energized.
  7. Supports your immune system-Since this drink is loaded with nutrients and minerals, they boost the immune system as they also have the healthy building blocks like vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B6 which are important for a stronger immune system. They also help the nutrient absorb faster thus the results are seen within a short time. Additionally, they also help prevent diseases and illnesses.
  8. It leaves you satisfied for a longer Period-It helps you avoid cravings thus good for a weight loss program. You can take it in the morning as the first meal of the day. When you are trying to manage your health, it is more effective as you will still lose some weight over the weeks. However, it depends on your current BMI. When you are gaining weight due to your dietary choices, you need to cut it out and use this product which will help you lose weight.
  9. It gives you the benefit of a well-balanced Diet-It has a total balance of proteins as well as enzymes and vitamins which can be used as a meal replacement.

Ingredients of Organifi Protein

The ingredients used in this product are carefully selected to ensure they come out with the best protein powder on the market. The ingredients are organic thus the product is highly organic. They are harvested from organic whole foods which have whole nutrients which are required by our bodies. Some of these ingredients have been clinically tested and have been found to be effective. These ingredients include the following:


This ingredient has been used all over the world for its sweet taste. It has also been known for its healing power, fat burning properties and managing inflammation. Real Ceylon cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels and reducing heart disease risks. Some people can mistake cinnamon for sweets. Due to its blood stabilizing effects, Ceylon cinnamon has the ability to block hunger cravings leaving you feeling fuller.


This is one of the popular ingredients mostly widely used for their unveiling nutritional benefits. They are used to sweeten dishes. When used regularly can be used to boost metabolism, the immune system, increase energy levels, hydrating purposes and also help manage cravings. It also acts as a natural sterile electrolyte which feed your PH and muscle function. Coconut water is also essential as it helps in faster absorption of nutrients in the blood stream.

Monk Fruit

This is an exotic fruit. It has over the years gained popularity for its sweet flavor. It was named after the Chinese and Japanese Monks who loved eating the fruit for its various health benefits. Nutritionists recommend this fruit as they have no calories, and have no effect on blood sugar. They also have antioxidants which make them the best immune booster. Moreover, it contains a powerful cancer antioxidant called mogrosides which the body metabolizes differently from natural sugars, making it suitable for people with diabetics. Apart from that, in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used to treat coughs and sore throats. It is believed to be a longevity aid and help with male virility.

Vanilla Beans

They are best and most expensive spices known for their flavor in ice cream and bakeries. They can also offer a wide variety of health benefits. Vanilla beans contain antioxidants vanillic acid and vanillin which also have anti-inflammatory properties which help in controlling blood pressure. Moreover, they contain potassium, calcium and magnesium which is essential for our wellbeing as well as help in boosting memory, balancing our mood and increasing energy levels.

Hemp protein

Hemp seeds are really unique as they contain a complete protein. Most plants do not have that which makes it best for base ingredient. It also contains fiber which is essential for digestion. Additionally, they contain large amounts of phosphorous, vitamin E, sodium, magnesium, calcium, Sulphur zinc and iron.

Quinoa protein

This plant has been around for ages as it is rich in proteins and fiber. It is also high in vitamin B12, lysine, magnesium, iron and manganese. It is also known for its ability to repair cells, enhancing skin and reducing inflammation. It also contains a plant compound quercetin and kaempferol which is gluten free making it suitable for people with gluten intolerance. More so, it is known to contain flavonoids, which are essential anti-inflammatory compounds.

Pea protein

These proteins are mostly suitable for people who work out or are actively involved in exercises. Peas are known for the amino acids which help repair cells. They are also high in lysine, which are used for stronger, firmer skin.

Vitamins from 100% Real, Whole Foods

They are harvested natural, organic vitamins from real, whole foods. These ingredient contains real vegetables and superfoods, treated and selected carefully, dried accordingly and mixed with your favorite protein shake.

MCTs – Medium-chain Triglycerides

are a type of plant fats found in tropical foods such as coconut oil. They are easily converted into energy for your muscles and brain. They have also shown to fight your cravings leaving you feeling full for longer and improving the overall cognitive functioning. MCTs, minerals and vitamins need to be properly digested and absorbed to receive the most benefits. Plant based enzymes are very important as they help in the breakdown and absorption of these nutrients as well as preventing bloating and indigestion. They also contain the rich amino 3 fatty acids which are important for optimal physical health.

5 in 1 digestive enzymes

These enzymes are very essential in food breakdown and absorption. When you consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, you may require more enzymes which should help you break down fats, proteins and carbs so as to get the enough nutrients from your food. They also help in increasing the nutritional value of each meal. They include the following:

  1. Cellulase – These enzymes are very effective as they allow faster and more efficient breakdown of plants and vegetables. They also come with detox properties which are useful for your intestinal tract.
  2. Lactase – It makes the digestion of lactose and other dairy products easier. Regular intake of this enzymes helps prevent acidity and bloating.
  3. Lipase – They help our body burn fat into energy which is required by our bodies to work effectively.
  4. Protease – These enzymes are very essential for your overall body health. They help breakdown proteins and also help in clearing off bacteria from our digestive tract.
  5. Alpha/Beta Amylase – These enzymes are essential for digestion and processing of starch foods.

Organifi complete protein contain vitamins and minerals which include the following:

  1. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
  2. Contains dietary fiber and sugar
  3. Has numerous vitamins which include Vitamin A, B, D, E, B6 and B12
  4. Contains iron, phosphorous, Iodine, Magnesium and Zinc
  5. Contains plant protein powder

Advantages of Organifi Complete Protein

  1. It is suitable for all, both vegans, vegetarians and paleo dieters
  2. It is made up of only the best and natural ingredients thus safe
  3. It is time saving as it is easier to make and you are able to receive all the nutrients you require in one drink
  4. It is convenient for those who have a busy schedule
  5. There is money back guarantee
  6. It is a pure product as it is gluten free, soy and dairy free and has no additives and is GMO free
  7. The product is certified by the USDA and other leading health and safety agencies

Disadvantages of Organifi proteins

  1. There is a limited supply of this product. The distributors claim they are few maybe it’s for creating a sense of urgency or even getting people to purchase using subscription plan.
  2. It is quite expensive thus not affordable to all
  3. It is only purchased online from the Organifi websites and other online stores like amazon. You may not get the product from the pharmacy store.

Does Organifi Complete Protein work?

As there are a lot of products on the market, we rely on the customer reviews. Negative reviews have also been seen as some users complain of mild side effects and the taste. However, many users praised the product as effective and convenient and for the fact that it does not have side effects. The ingredients in this supplement are not only revised and verified by health and safety agencies but they are also backed up by science though by a little part.

This year’s best product is Leptigen, which offers four ingredients which have been clinically tested to increase fat loss and boost the metabolism. Most customers were excited for the best results they received and reported no side effects.

Factors to consider before buying protein product

Protein products are numerous in the market and they all promise to deliver benefits. Ensure that before you go for the one that suits you consider the following factors;

  1. Fitness goal-When you are thinking of gaining weight or increasing muscle mass, always look for the protein shake that has many calories which are sometimes sold as meal replacements or mass gainers powders.
  2. Type of product/Supplement-Always ensure that the type of supplement meets your nutrient needs or meets your training schedule
  3. Cost-When it comes to buying any product do not look at the cost as long as you get the value for your money from the quality benefits you get. Some may be expensive but they are not that effective compared to the one costing less.
  4. Product Brand-You need to be careful when selecting a product in the market. Do not go for the ones which has more promising claims on their benefits. Always go for the respectable brands, read through their ingredient list which should at least have more than 7 and also read through the users reviews to find out more information on their effectiveness and convenience.

Organifi Complete Protein – Where to Buy

The easiest way of purchasing g this product is by ordering online on the website and The product comes in small plastic bottles. Those wishing to get more discounts should opt to purchase at least six bottles. Payments can only be made using a host of safe and secure transaction means like pay pal, MasterCard and Visa. When you order, your subscription may be your guarantee as a regular customer as the product is limited in supply and is for the early birds.

International deliveries are made at a fee depending on the country you are in and depending on the import, faraway and custom tax. All are served. Just order and enjoy the best of the best.

Like any other Organifi products, complete protein comes with a 30 day try out and money back guarantee policy. Once you have purchased the product and you do not like it for any reason, you can return it and they will pay your money in full, just as you paid it. Trying Organifi products is a complete risk free. This is because they are a respectable and among the biggest brand on the market thus they strive to build their name. They also value their customers which should be comforting to go for it.

Only the verified and trusted product reviewer of Organifi complete protein enjoy the benefits of sharing the product discounts, offers and coupons on their website.

Additionally, when you refer a friend to the product you are able to get a 15%discount on your purchase. The company also provides a customer service phone number on the sales page which is efficiently helpful. Such an amazing and convenient fact to encourage you.

Why choose this product?

  1. It is a healthier option than other protein Shakes-It has certain qualities that other products do not have making it stand out as the best. As the best brand they ensure to provide their customers with the healthiest product which does not cause problems of the digestive tract like bloating, acne and inflammation. With all these benefits, you are able to maintain an optimal health as well as a beautiful appearance.
  2. It works fast than other protein shakes-This product is made up of multivitamins. It also ha digestive enzymes which help in faster absorption of nutrients into your system. This helps you receive the benefits of the nutrients faster. The quick absorption also leads to increased energy levels, better focus and improved overall health within a shorter period of time.


If you are looking for a complete, best, effective and reliable organic protein powder supplement and multivitamin to provide you with the full support and help you are desiring to get then Organifi complete protein may be the immediate solution to your desires. It is loaded with a lot of benefits which should send you to order the product without wasting time. Just visit the Organifi website today to get started.

Organifi complete protein is a rich product made from only organic ingredients which favor all whether you are vegan, vegetarian, meat-eater or you are on any meal plan. It provides you with a complete vitamin profile. It is also rich in all he essential vitamins your body needs daily. Additionally, it contains digestive enzymes which help in absorption of these nutrients.

The Organifi brand has attained a great deal of attention and popularity over the years due to the high quality products they produce. Therefore, when you opt to go for the Organifi products be sure and confident that it will give you exactly what you wish for. It helps you achieve your health goals.


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