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Kylea Total Living Drink Greens Superfood Powder

Total Living Drink Greens is a nutritional supplement that combines a large blend of superfoods into an easy- to –drink formula.The popularity of superfood drinks is increasing tremendously. This is because the benefits are endless and it saves time by providing a multiple of fruits and vegetables in one serving. These superfood drink powders can be used as a nutritional supplement, a meal replacement drink, or even a weight loss solution.

This superfood is used to provide a daily supplementation of nutrients. It is made up of whole food and is said to be a ‘nine in one’ formula. It is made up of added minerals, vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, protein, fruits and vegetables. There are also organic ingredients and they claim its more in nutrition than other green drinks. It is among the complete drinks on the market with high quality organic ingredients.

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One of the primary roles of this drink is to ensure that you are getting more than a sufficient amount of greens and superfoods on a daily basis. Mostly because the majority of the population does not meet the daily requirements of vegetables and fruits.

This product is unique in that they do not use whole plant powders like other green manufacturers do. Instead, they use juice extracts which means they use the powdered juice of the produce in the formula. This is mainly because the phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables is found in the juice, the use of juice extracts is also increasing significantly among the vast population.

How living Green works

Living green food is claimed to contain ‘fermented grasses, fruits, detoxifying herbs, cinnamon, stevia and apple to make it taste good. It also has spirulina which is said to support a healthy liver and chlorella which they claim promotes healthy organs and tissues. Also they contain a blend of 9 different ingredient categories to provide maximum health benefits. These categories include:

· Protein supplements -Used to build lean muscle

· Fruits, vegetables, grasses and algae which contains life-giving phytonutrients and nutrient dense calories.

· Digestive enzymes Supplement-Provide better digestion

· Probiotics supplement-support healthy bowels.

· Amino Acids Supplement-Support better overall health and energy

· Antioxidants-For enhanced immune system

· Herbs supplement -Support intestinal, blood and internal organ cleansing.

· Vitamins supplement -The building blocks of nutrition.

· Minerals-Sustain life and improve bodily functions.

Ingredients and side effects of living drink greens

Pea protein

Made from legume. It has all the amino acids though it may be lacking some. This requires an extra supplementation with other forms of protein to make up for the limited amino acids. When this happens, it can potentially lead to side effects because the body is not receiving the amount required for its proper functioning.

Rice protein

This first absorption protein source is extracted from rice. Due to its ability to be used by the body rapidly, it can create side effects such as:

· Nausea, vomiting and ill feelings

· Loose stools, diarrhea and increased bathroom use.

Spirulina juice powder

Blue-green algae are used due to its mixture of nutrients and potential effects on improving inflammation and infections. It may contain contamination in that, blue-green algae that is contaminated can cause liver damage, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, thirst and rapid heartbeat. This ingredient is advised to be used only after thorough check of toxins and not to be used by people with weakened immune system.


This herb is used as a spice to dishes and is also claimed to help regulate blood sugar and slow absorption. It can also promote side effects such as:

· Facial swelling, rashes and bloating.

· Diarrhea, upset stomach and gas.

· Allergies, congestion and extremely low blood sugar.


It’s an algae found in fresh water. It has nutrients and is a source of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Possible side effects include:

· Breathing problems, gas and discoloration of stools.

· Cramping, diarrhea and nausea

· Allergic reactions, asthma and sensitivity to the sun.

It is recommended to check whether the ingredients were sourced from a healthy place to avoid contaminations from heavy metals and toxins.

Marigold flower

This plant is use to regrow tissue and decrease swelling in the mouth and throat. There is no much information about its effectiveness.

Bitter melon

This plant is claimed to regulate blood sugar. Though the claims are not enough whether the long term use is safe or on consuming the other parts of the fruit.

Bitterless Green Tea Leaf

This tea is drunk often due to its high antioxidants and caffeine which can boost metabolism. It can cause the following:

· Headaches, nausea and upset stomach

· Ill feelings, irritability and difficulty in concentrating

· Insomnia, mood swings and vomiting

The National Centre for Complementary and Integrative health also expressed a warning that there is no enough data to support the claim to aid in weight loss. Also there has been some case report on liver problems in those people taking the concentrated green tea extracts.


A Seaweed strain that is found in parts of Japan. It supplies iodine which is needed by the thyroid to stay healthy. It’s found to be unsafe when taken by mouth since it contains iodine that are harm enough to harm the thyroid.

Advantages of Total Living Drink Greens

  • Cleanses and detoxifies the blood, colon and rebuilding the internal organs
  • Helping you manage and reach your ideal healthy weight.
  • Helping you manage and reach your ideal healthy weight.
  • Increasing your mental focus making the cognitive abilities develop.
  • Rejuvenating the skin making you looking younger and healthier.
  • Regulates blood sugar thus best for everyone.
  • Have digestive enzymes which help in nutrient utilization.
  • Eliminating skin conditions like ulcers, eczema and impetigo.
  • Increase natural energy levels as well as reducing stress.
  • It has a pleasant taste compared to other green drinks.
  • It is reasonably priced for the quality of ingredients.

Disadvantages of living drink greens

  • The product does not include the Omega fatty acids.
  • The product does not list fully its ingredients thus it’s not easy to know the amount of any one item in it.
  • There is no enough clinical evidence to support its effectiveness.
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