Use Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Control Of Blood Pressure


Apple Cider Vinegar is a form of vinegar usually extracted from apples. It is usually in liquid form and is pale orange in colour. Purposes of apple cider vinegar include; house hold benefits and health benefits. House hold benefits include disinfecting and cleaning. Health benefits include loss of weight, fights diabetes and helps control of the blood sugar level. Apple Cider Vinegar also controls the blood pressure.

Below are some of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in more detail.

1) Health benefits include loss of weight

Studies suggest that ACV initiates satiety which helps one consume fewer calories leading to overall loss of body weight.

2) Fights diabetes and helps control blood sugar level

ACV has proved to improve insulin and sensitivity thus lowering/ balancing the production of blood glucose/ blood sugar produced especially during a high-carbohydrates meal. An example a study conducted showed that people who use vinegar in their salads are less likely to get diabetes.

3) Control of blood pressure

The anti-oxidant component (chlorogenic acid) found in ACV helps prevent oxidation of fats and cholesterol which in turn controls the fluctuation of blood pressure.

However, study shows that apple cider vinegar can only be effective in controlling of blood pressure when used correctly, consistently or under a regular routine and if used alongside a healthy diet.

Forms in which ACV can be consumed for the control of blood pressure.

i. Pill/ capsule form; in this form, ACV can be easily consumed without losing its potency and without feeling its sour flavour.

ii. In liquid form; in this form it can easily incorporated into common foods and soups. Also it’s often drunk as a beverage or as a healthy morning tonic if combined with water or juices.

In conclusion ACV is easily accessible, reliable and affordable natural way to reduce high blood pressure and keep your body at its optimum health. However, if one has acid reflux it’s advisable to consult a doctor for guidance.

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